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the first software that gives you the cost of any print job 1 even befor the actual print

1 Printing with PowerPlotter / PowerProof RIP
From today you may know exactly your profits on every print job, and you can know, if you need it, the best price you can ask to your customer.
The consumption analysis shows that varying the images, the costs differ a lot. The price of the same image can diminish up to 40%, printing with 4 (or 7) inks rather then 6 (or 11) or using a different color profile.
That's why we say that it's really important to know exactly, and in realtime the printing cost. The software works combined to PowerPlotter - PowerProof that calculates the consumption of any print job..
Product presentation
The software works combined to PowerPlotter / PowerProof that calculates the consumption of any print job. On CostManager you need to fill up the archives with the data of the supplies you use, your media, your inks, and print head in order to calculate exactly your printing costs. You can also create a customer list. You can link one or more print jobs to a customer, so you can calculate the end user price, and then create a customized bill. Each and every bill can be printed with your company data, your logo, the costumer's data, and a small preview of each printed images, with the consumption and the price of every one. Based on such data you can make some statistics, for example you can see on which media you have the best profit, on which costumer, or in which period.
Print Job Detail
From the job details window you can select the media type and ink type used for the job. You can see how much a print job costs, even before your actual print.
Plotter Settings
You can control one or more printers at once, provided you fill the data concerning their IP address an a short name. The filters that you can see in the main window will allow you to recognize which printer printed which job.
New bill
On the right you can see the bill window, in which you create the bill that you can send to every printer. There you can choose the client, the print jobs, the kind of estimate (if based on the print length, or on the gain), and the discount that you want to apply.
The bill can be printed according to a custom template in which you can insert your logo, the print jobs preview, the print data, with the related prices and the total.
Full Version
Download if the program has never been installed or removed
Upgrade Version
Download only if the program has been installed
Drivers (paper) for printers and plotters
Brochures and software documents in PDF format